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Welcome to WINTECH CORPORATE SOLUTIONS, your premier turnkey contractor and manufacturer of high-quality modular workstations, tables, storage solutions, and chairs. Our dedicated team ensures precision and expertise from initial planning to final handover, providing customized solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Experience unparalleled quality and service for your workspace transformation.

We oversee every aspect of your project to ensure seamless execution. Our expertise delivers optimal solutions meeting your specific needs. Trust us to realize your dreams with meticulous planning and unwavering attention to detail, elevating your workspace to new heights.

At WINTECH CORPORATE SOLUTIONS, our state-of-the-art 6500 sqft factory is equipped with modern machinery to cater to all your interior needs. We believe in creating spaces that align with architectural principles, environmental psychology, and innovative product design.
Explore our elite services, blending international standards and processes to exceed your expectations.


To aid with elite services that leaves all our clients blissful with quality, estimates and visuals.


To be recognized as one of the elite organization with the ultimate quality which we offer in the field of project management solutions, or in the field of designs by blending with all the necessary international standards and process.

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Our Team.

Raja Durai J

Managing Partner (Production -Turnkey)

Prajeesh T

Managing Partner (Administration)

Francis Xavier

Production Manager

Leelavathi B

Senior Accounts Executive

Manjula J

Senior Production Co-ordinator


Marketing Co-ordinator

Swathi N K

Assistant Designer

Babu C J

Senior Marketing Manager

Raghu Vasanth Kumar RT

Marketing Manager

Sharan K

Assistant Marketing Manager